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Terra Australis Incognita
1. Description of Atlantis, the sunken continent
2. What one would be looking for ...
3. Ancient maps showing a vast continent that no longer exists
4. Terra Australis on the ocean floor
5. How did Atlantis sink?
6. The main obstacle - ice core dating
7. The lakes in the middle of the Sahara desert
8. The arbitrary discovery of islands in the Atlantic Ocean
9. Greenland ice free?
10. The Atlanteans and the Jews in Egypt
11. The Burka and the Original Sin?
12. The Garden of Eden in Egypt
13. Conclusion
14. References
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13. Conclusion

With this very brief summary and a few perhaps haphazard references to a couple of ancient myths about the Jews, Serpents and Egyptian gods, I merely wish to pique the readers interest into this fascinating aspect of ancient history, the world of mythology. Were all these ancient legends nothing more than fantasies dreamt up by whomever? Are they not perhaps based on real events that occurred thousands of years ago? If so, what would that story be?

I have to concede that there are some potential problems with my hypothesis that Terra Australis Incognita represented a real continent, the most important being ice core dating (have scientists ever considered a different interpretation of the ice core data?), but also the mapping of the “solid” continent of Figure 1 onto the ocean floor, etc. However, but by the same token, there are other aspects of the maps of Terra Australis that closely match present-day geographical features of the Antarctic region. This certainly cannot be mere coincidence.

For those skeptical about the existence of an ancient, highly advanced civilization, I would like to recommend reading my Ancient Enigmas and Anomalies section. Of these enigmas the greatest must certainly be stone monuments of Egypt (Figures 16-19) and elsewhere (Figures 20-27). Only people who have no grasp whatsoever of engineering could possibly imagine that the Great Pyramid was constructed as a tomb for a pharaoh. There can be no doubt whatsoever that the Great Pyramid had some unknown scientific purpose. Today we have simply no idea at all of how these ancients were able to construct these megalithic structures. Even the technology they appear to have used (Figures 28-40) is simply mindboggling for that era. Who were they, and why were their astonishing technological capabilities lost?


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