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In this work I argue that Terra Australis Incognita, the ‘imaginary’ southern continent which appears on virtually all medieval maps of the world, was a real continent that matches Plato’s mythical Atlantis verbatim in many respects. Plato introduced Atlantis to the world around 360 BCE in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias, quoting Solon of Athens who had visited Egypt between 590 and 580 BCE. According to Solon, the mighty and much admired civilization of Atlantis existed and perished (‘sunk into the sea’) about 9000 years before his time, in other words about 11,600 years ago. Many visitors to my website may already be familiar with the essentials of this theory which I had originally proposed several years ago (first in January 2009, followed by a major update in June 2009, which had remained unchanged until the end of 2019). I had then read Plato’s account of Atlantis once again and noticed some key bits of information that I had missed initially and updated my website accordingly.

I have since (end 2022) decided to revisit and thoroughly study and expand, where necessary, my Atlantis theory once more, with the intent of having it formally published. My latest studies include significantly more information than previously available on my website, and several additional hypotheses about the fate of the Atlanteans after their continent had been ‘sunk’. This occurred when a comet glanced off the face of the earth ca. 11,600 years ago, knocking a dent of around 8,000m in its crust and thereby ‘sinking’ Atlantis (parts of Terra Australis are clearly visible on NASA’s submarine topography maps of the world). These are all combined into one, complete account, which now, after so many of my years, is available in published format on Amazon (see book cover and Amazon links below).

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Dear visitor, since my book contains more than 70 colour maps, images and photographs, I have elected to have it printed on glossy paper and in premium quality ink in its entirety. I am very pleased with KDP's print quality - I trust you will be too!

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