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14/01/2019 Added an Addendum to Thera and the Exodus, summarising the astonishing evidence presented by Asenath - see here

30/09/2018 Created a new look for my website!

21/09/2018 Discovered scientific evidence confirming my Terra Australis theory - see here

17/09/2018 Updated Majors vs Surface Table for Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, see here

24/09/2016 Clarified my approach to Thera and the Exodus somewhat - see here

14/09/2016 Added proof of my interpretation of the Number of the Beast - see here

20/07/2016 Added details (Pascal program description, etc) of how I had done the time analysis of the 2008 Wimbledon Final - see here

20/07/2016 On a Professional Note - Aperture Theory paper accepted and published at last! see here

05/07/2015 Added several articles (extracts) from Barbelo to Barbelo page - see here

12/06/2015 Barbelo now available for free due to health concerns - see here

25/03/2015 Added The Moses Puzzle, a summary of Thera and the Exodus, with new information - see here

23/03/2015 Added a review of Barbelo by Online Book Club - see here

15/10/2014 My new book, Barbelo - The Story of Jesus Christ, has just been published (click here)! In Barbelo I present evidence that the man who became known as Jesus Christ did, in fact, exist, but he was anything but the saintly figure the New Testament would have us believe. In reality, he was the exact opposite, the personification of evil.

5/10/2014 Overhauled my Terra Australis Incognita / Atlantis section - see here

3/10/2014 Added a last word (for now) on the issues raised in my "Tennis, the Greatest Game" article, see here

21/08/2014 Added a professional page here on which I challenge an established principle in electromagnetic theory and present papers students may find useful.

7/08/2014 Received a belated but very detailed and scientific review of Thera and the Exodus view here.

2/05/2013 Formation of submarine canyons a billion years ago

Added a section on how the earth's submarine canyons could have been formed a billion years ago - view here.

10/04/2013 Thera reviews

Added a 'Reviews' section to my Thera page (Section 2.5)

15/03/2013 Thera articles

Added articles from my book for website visitors (Section 2.4)

28/02/2013 Thera and the Exodus published!

See Thera page for book details (Section 2.1) and chapter summaries (Section 2.2).

28/01/2013 Thera and the Exodus available for pre-order

Thera and the Exodus is now available for pre-order at Amazon. Changed Thera and the Exodus section on website to show book details, ordering information and chapter summaries. View Details

29/06/2012 Thera and the Exodus book announcement

I am pleased to announce the upcoming publication of my new book on Thera and the Exodus.

View Details

4/09/2010 Terra Australis Key Arguments Summary

As it will take the reader quite some time to work through all my material, I have compiled a summary of the key arguments of my 'Terra Australis was Atlantis' theory (download HERE, PDF 1.7MB)

3/09/2010 Formation of submarine canyons

A brief discussion of turbidity currents, supposedly the cause of submarine canyons and long submarine rivers. The existence of submarine river beds in the Bounty Trough of New Zealand, the Monterey Bay canyon and in the Porcupine Seabight instead suggests that these areas had been above sea level for millions of years and had been formed like any other inland river (see Figures 1.17c-g).

Proof that Terra Australis had once been above sea level as I have argued from the start? You decide for yourself!


16/06/2010 Thera and the Exodus update

Added an articles section (2.7), the first two being

2.7.1 Rulers of Egypt - comparison to Manetho's King List

2.7.2 Joseph, Potiphar and Amenhotep III, a DNA link?

02/06/2010 Tennis update

Added 2009 Wimbledon Final match analysis and statistics.


24/09/2009 Terra Australis - 'Caribbean update'

Added Zeno and Descelliers maps to Section 1.07 (Figures 1.57 b&c), as well as a new Section 1.09, in which it is shown that Mercator's 1569 map of coastal Brazil and the Caribbean depicts numerous islands that can be identified in the same locations as underwater plateaus and islands. (revised 6 October 2009 based on feedback received).


11/09/2009 Terra Australis - 'Ice core update'

Added Sections 1.06-1.08, Schoner 1515 map coastal outline shown to correspond to ice free coastline of Antarctica, discussion of ice core data extracted from Antarctica and Greenland ice cores, possible underwater locations of 'imaginary' islands on Mercator's 1569 map, including Frisland, pre-Hudson mapping of Hudson Bay.


6/07/2009 Terra Australis - 'Plateau update'

New 'Proof of Theory' section (Sections 1.01 - 1.05), Schoner and Vatican maps showing different stages of the flooding of the Terra Australis plateau, lake on Schoner 1515 map identified on Australian continent, 'Patalis Regio' - bull worship in Atlantis? Abraham (Ra), Father of the Jews


17/04/2009 Ancient Enigmas and Anomalies section added


21/01/2009 Site launched

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