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Addendum to Thera and the Exodus

As is often the case, academics tend to dismiss so-called apocryphal texts as myths invented by ancient scribes for whatever reasons. However, in the case of Joseph and Asenath, there is an undeniable link between this ‘myth’ and an event recorded independently by Manetho, the EL Arish Shrine text and indirectly in the Bible itself. It confirms the identification of several biblical persons as historical persons, namely Moses as Crown Prince Tuthmosis, the firstborn son of the Pharaoh of the Oppression, Amenhotep III, Joseph as Yuya, the Queen of Sheba and Asenath together as Nefertiti, Potiphar as Ay and the Israelites as the Hyksos.

Given the setting of the above events, it places the second eruption of Thera at around 1360-1354 BCE and the second Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt around 1336 BCE. Calculating backwards from this date, the various durations of the Israelite sojourn in Egypt can be linked directly to specific eras in the history of the Hyksos nation, including their first Exodus from Egypt following Thera’s first eruption ca. 1613±13 BCE (during the reign of Ahmose I, whose reign scientists are now beginning to believe must have coincided with this eruption).

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